4G LTE Antennas

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Sierra Wireless LTE Cellular LTE MIMO Antenna (), Dipole, (SMA). 704-787/824-960/1575.24 /1710-1990/2110-2170/2496-2700 MHz
1810075: $23.75
weBoost Pole Mount Panel Antenna. Vertically Polarized w/ N Female Connector. 2-year warranty. 700 – 2700 MHz 50 Ohm 314453 (Formerly 304453): $66.49

weBoost 4G/3G Wide Band Yagi Directional High Gain Antenna. N-Female Connector. Weather resistant sealed UV stabilized ABS plastic casing. Mounting hardware is included. 2 year warranty.
314411 (Formerly 304411): $68.38
Wilson 304422 weBoost 4G/3G Omni Directional Multi-band Fiberglass 18″ Antenna w/14″ Lead, N Connector and Mounting Hardware. 2-year warranty.
304422 (Formerly 301202/311203): $97.96
weBoost 301126 weBoost Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna (Omni Directional  w/ 12.5 ft. RG-174 Cable, SMA Male Connector). 2-year warranty.
301126: $18.99
Taoglas Ultra Wide-Band 4G/LTE/3G Antenna with Assisted GPS. Dipole Swivel 90 degree SMA-M Hinged Connector.
TG.30.8113: $13.78
Laird TRAB821 Laird Technologies  Phantom Antenna (Black/NMO Mount).
TRA6927M3NB-001: $49.77
Laird TRAB821-18503P Laird Technologies Phantom Antenna (Black/Permanent Mount).
TRA6927M3PB-001: $66.81
Taoglas 11010111 Taoglas Magnetic Mount Cellular Wide Band Peak 3 dBi Gain 12″ Whip Antenna w/3M RF cable and SMA-M Connector for all 2G/3G/4G networks . 700MHz to 2700MHz
GA.110.3011: $23.75
Sierra Wireless AirLink 2in1 SharkFin Antenna – 2xLTE, Bolt Mount, 4m, Black
6001120: $180.50
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