Access Wireless Data Solutions stocks an extensive variety of 4G LTE antennas from various industry-leading manufacturers. Our 4G LTE Antennas are available in various mounting types and different antenna models. Call us to help determine which antenna is best for your application.

  1. 4G LTE Antennas
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  Antenna Description Datasheets Price
4G LTE antenna - paddle Sierra Wireless LTE Cellular LTE MIMO Antenna, Dipole, (SMA). 704-787/824-960/1575.24 /1710-1990/2110-2170/2496-2700 MHz
6001110: $14.00
4G LTE antenna - wall mount - wilson weBoost Pole Mount Panel Antenna. Vertically Polarized w/ N Female Connector. 2-year warranty. 700 – 2700 MHz 50 Ohm 314453 (Formerly 304453): $66.49
4G LTE antennas - yagi weBoost 4G/3G Wide Band Yagi Directional High Gain Antenna. N-Female Connector. Weather resistant sealed UV stabilized ABS plastic casing. Mounting hardware is included. 2 year warranty.
4G LTE antenna - Wilson 304422 - omni directional weBoost 4G/3G Omni Directional Multi-band Fiberglass 18″ Antenna w/14″ Lead, N Connector and Mounting Hardware. 2-year warranty.
304422 (Formerly 301202/311203): $97.96
4G LTE antenna - mini mag mount - weBoost 301126 weBoost Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna (Omni Directional  w/ 12.5 ft. RG-174 Cable, SMA Male Connector). 2-year warranty.
301126: $18.99
4G LTE antenna - wide dipole - taoglas Taoglas Ultra Wide-Band 4G/LTE/3G Antenna with Assisted GPS. Dipole Swivel 90 degree SMA-M Hinged Connector.
TG.30.8113: $13.78
4G LTE antenna - pepper shaker - Laird TRAB821 Laird Technologies  Phantom Antenna (Black/NMO Mount).
TRA6927M3NB-001: $49.77
4G LTE antenna - pepper shaker - Laird TRAB821-18503P Laird Technologies Phantom Antenna (Black/Permanent Mount).
TRA6927M3PB-001: $66.81
4G LTE antenna - whip - Taoglas 11010111 Taoglas Magnetic Mount Cellular Wide Band Peak 3 dBi Gain 12″ Whip Antenna w/3M RF cable and SMA-M Connector for all 2G/3G/4G networks . 700MHz to 2700MHz
GA.110.301111: $23.75
4G LTE antenna - sharkfin - panorama Sierra Wireless AirLink 2in1 SharkFin Antenna – 2xLTE, Bolt Mount, 4m, Black
6001120: $180.50