Branch / Office / Retail

Primary or backup connectivity for employees

Work Trailer Connectivity

Primary connectivity for mobile/temporary work sites (construction, health clinics, events etc)

Store Within a Store

Primary connectivity for business inside another business that cannot access building owner’s LAN/WAN connection.

 Failover connection for redundancy in the event there is interruption in building connectivity

In-vehicle Connection

Fixed connection in vehicle to provide primary connectivity to devices inside the vehicle (food truck/fixed router)

Remote Workers

Primary connectivity for work from home, remote learning, temp work sites

ATMs and Kiosks

Primary connectivity for ATM transactions, video transmission, remote or temporary locations. 

Failover connection to work as a secondary function to ensure connection stability and usability of site

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AWDS and Verizon Co-Sell Program 

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During this 30 minute webinar you’ll learn how we partner with VZW teams through the Co-Sell Program to close more business and activate more BI Plans.

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