BR1 Mini Core

Unbreakable connectivity.
Unbeatable Price.

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The BR1 Mini Core is designed to fit where other routers can’t. It accepts multiple forms of power input, it has an optional mount for Class 1 Div 2 support, and it can function in extreme heat or cold.

To minimize the attack surface, some enterprise deployments require routers to have no Wi-Fi or GPS. The BR1 Mini Core fulfills these requirements while providing high functionality at a low price point.


– Ethernet


– 150/50 Mbps modem
– (1) Embedded LTE Modems with redundant SIMs
– 400 Mbps Router Throughput


– Use a combination of cellular and Ethernet #
to provide users with constant connectivity
– Minimize the attack surface for enterprise
deployments that require routers to have no Wi-Fi or GPS
– OOBM support (with optional accessory ACW-411)
– Accepts multiple power inputs
and a wide voltage range

In the Box

– MAX BR1 Mini Core
– (1) 12V2A Power supply
– (2) 4G LTE Antennas


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