Airgain AP-C

The Perfect All-In-One Solution for your In-Vehicle Mobile Access Router

Product Cell/LTE Antenna WiFi Antenna GPS Antenna Mounting Option
AP-C-A Adhesive
AP-C-M Magnetic
AP-C-Q Threaded Bolt
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The Airgain AP-C Antenna is the low profile, high gain external antenna for use with 3G/4G wireless data modems. It is typically used by mobile road warriors (sales, field service, public safety) who travel extensively, and need connectivity wherever they go.

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  • Faster Data Speeds. LTE brings super fast data speeds and the AP-CELL/LTE antenna gives you better reception. Greater speed and reception means the data gets through the first time, correctly.
  • Bigger Wireless Footprint AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna provides up to 25% more wireless coverage, depending on the geography you travel in.
  • Long Product Life — Low Profile Design. The AP-CELL/LTE Antenna stands only 1-3/4 inches high.
    It withstands all of the natural elements, car washes, and being swept by tree branches. Small and Portable.
  • Small and Portable: AP-CELL/LTE Antenna comes in two styles – magnetic and permanent mount. The magnetic version is perfect for the user who wants to put it on top of their car, and then take it with them when they travel.

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