Airgain AP-CWG

Seamless Integration to Wireless Technologies

Product Cell/LTE Antenna WiFi Antenna GPS Antenna Mounting Option
AP-CWG-A  ✔ Adhesive
AP-CWG-M  ✔ Magnetic
AP-CWG-Q  ✔ Threaded Bolt

Connects to All Major Brands of Wireless Data Cards with external antenna ports.


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The Airgain AP-CWG is the low profile Cellular/ LTE, WiFi (802.11 a b g n ac) & GPS combination external antenna. All of the antennas are in one housing, reducing the need for multiple antennas and holes being drilled.

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Better Cellular/PCS & WiFi Reception By using the AP-MultiMax, the wireless signal is optimized, getting the signal outside of the vehicle

  • Bigger Wireless Footprint. AP-MultiMax provides up to 25% more wireless coverage, depending on the geography you travel in.
  • Faster Data Speeds Better reception translates to faster speeds. The data gets through the first time, correctly. WiFi speeds are especially sensitive to signal strength.
  • Long Product Life — Low Profile Design The AP-MultiMax Antenna is very durable and stands only 2.0 inches (51 mm) high. It withstands all of the natural elements, car washes, and being swept by tree branches.
  • One Simple Installation The AP-MultiMax Antenna has all of the antennas in the one housing. This means you only have one hole to drill and one installation effort.
  • Docking Stations: Havis LEDCO, Gamber Johnson, Panasonic, PMT, Kodiak
  • Wireless Trunk and Mobile Access Routers from:Sierra Wireless, AirLink, Sixnet, Utility Associates, Junxion, Cisco MAR, In Motion and many others.

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