Airgain AP-W

The Airgain AP-W antenna connects WiFi.

Product Cell/LTE Antenna WiFi Antenna GPS Antenna Mounting Options
AP-W-A Adhesive
AP-W-M Magnetic
AP-W-T Threaded Bolt
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The Airgain AP-W Antenna is our external WiFi antenna. It is the ideal solution for customers who have vehicle based solutions and need the best WiFi connectivity from the vehicle to reach their corporate access nodes, or extend the ability to communicate with the vehicle in a peer-to-peer situation with greater distance.

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  • Bigger WiFi Wireless Footprint Around the VehicleThe WiFi Antenna™ is outside of the vehicle, therefore there is no shielding from the car – this can typically negatively impact signal strength by 10-15 dBm.
  • High Gain Antenna that provides an incremental 4.5 dB gain of performance. All of these factors combined can increase the local coverage of the WiFi signal by 25-50%.
  • Fastest WiFi Data Throughput Speeds The 802.11 technology is very sensitive to signal strength. With a good connection, speeds are very fast. But if the signal drops off, the data throughput goes down rapidly. In ideal situations, speeds up to 54 Mbps can be achieved with a signal strength of -68 dBm. But, at -90 dBm, speeds back off to less than 4 Mbps. Therefore, it is very important to have a very good connection to the network.
  • Long Product Life — Low Profile Design The AP-Wifi Antenna has a low profile design. It withstands all of the natural elements, car washes, and being swept by tree branches.


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