Digi Connect WAN Routing Gateway – Cellular (HSPA+), Ethernet, serial (RS-232), 5 VPN tunnels and encryption. Includes: power supply, antennas. 5-year warranty.

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Digi Connect WAN Family

The DC-WAN-U901-A: Small, cost-optimized cellular routing gateways utilize global cellular networks for secure connectivity to remote sites and devices.

Digi Connect WAN cellular routing gateways provide secure high-speed wireless connectivity to remote sites and devices. These products can be used for reliable primary wireless network connectivity to equipment at remote locations, as well as for a backup to existing landline communications. The Digi Connect WAN family is also ideal for use where wired networks are not feasible, or where alternative network connections are required.

Digi Connect WAN products provide a primary Wireless WAN connection to remote sites containing Ethernet and/or serial devices. Applications include new construction locations, industrial automation, power utility substations, retail/POS sites, railroad, temporary facilities without primary wired connections, and many more.

For backup network applications, Digi Connect WAN integrates with remote locations via a secondary Ethernet WAN port on an existing router. This provides a truly diverse network connection for remote locations requiring maximum uptime.

Digi Connect WAN Routing Gateway – Cellular (HSPA+), Ethernet, serial (RS-232), 5 VPN tunnels and encryption.

  • Small, cost-optimized cellular routers with integrated VPN
  • 3G HSPA/HSPA+ and EV-DO with 1 serial, 1 Ethernet, 1 USB, 1 sensor port
  • Digi Device CloudSM enables remote management of many remote devices
  • Unique Digi SureLink™ maintains “always-on” wireless connection
  • Programmable in Python for device customization

  • Digi Connect WAN device
  • Antennas
  • Power Supply

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 DC-WAN-U901-A: $580.45

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