Enterprise Cloud Manager API

Cradlepoint provides a robust Application Program Interface (API) allowing customers and partners powerful means to integrate ECM data into their applications. The Enterprise Cloud Manager API enables automated data transfer based on consistent and efficient programmatic methods.

The ECM API Portal Includes:

  • Active documentation
  • Code examples
  • API usage tracking
  • API developer key creation and management


Enterprise Cloud Manager API Product Requirements

Cradlepoint Enterprise Cloud Manager API is included with the ECM licenses, both Standard or PRIME free of charge. (Threshold limits my apply.)

Integration Opportunities Include:

  • Network management systems
  • Security Information & Event Management Systems (SIEM)
  • 3rd party applications
  • Customized vertical applications
  • Network health monitoring

  • Creates an open architecture for extensibility by Cradlepoint developer community
  • Efficiently share data & processes
  • Automated system to system, machine-tomachine, & cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Up-to-date information delivered automatically any time on demand
  • Enable creation of a seamless, interoperable network management solution
  • Expand product & services portfolios
  • Backwards compatible
  • Standard RESTful open web API

Enterprise Cloud Manager Documentation

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