Zscaler Internet Security

Cradlepoint Zscaler


  • Increase network availability – provide protection from attacks, viruses and worms
  • Simplify management – eliminate the need for standalone IPS devices at distributed locations
  • Increase visibility – identify applications, devices, threats & vulnerabilities on network
  • Protect data – prevent breaches while enabling regulatory PCI Compliance 3.0


Combined with Cradlepoint cloud-managed networking solutions, Zscaler Internet Security enables enterprises to embrace cloud applications and mobility, while delivering a superior user experience. Configured in minutes, Zscaler Internet Security leverages the threat intelligence harnessed from the Zscaler cloud. Now any business, regardless of size, can connect to the Internet with confidence.

Zscaler Internet Security Product Requirements

Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) — Standard or PRIME — is required to purchase Zscaler Internet Security.


Transparently enforce security & corporate policies from any device without impacting end-user experience.

Zscaler Internet Security


Intuitive dashboard provides instant insight into malicious activity and Internet browsing trends.

Cradlepoint and Zscaler Internet Security


Configure in minutes and filter domains for all Internet connection requests by intelligently routing traffic to permissible Internet sites and blocking access to known malicious/unauthorized sites.


Limit liability by filtering salacious sites and provide instant protection against malware, botnets, adware, phishing attacks, and suspicious destinations.

Cradlepoint and Zscaler Internet Security


Select one of four risk tolerance settings to instantly enforce common policies. Alternatively, select specific Internet browsing categories to create a custom policy.


Cloud deployed and managed with no patching, no updates, and no buying excess capacity. Scale as you need capacity.

UTM Solution

When purchased with CP Secure Threat Management and CP Secure VPN, Zscaler Internet Security delivers a complete hybrid (On-Premise/Cloud-Managed) UTM Solution.

A Layered Security Approach for Defense In-Depth:

  • Best-of-Breed Security Partners (Zscaler, Trend Micro, Asavie)
  • Single management console
  • Ideally sized for distributed enterprises

Cradlepoint UTM Solution: Zscaler Internet Security

CP Secure Threat Management

A comprehensive intrusion prevention and detection system (IPS/IDS) that is powered by Trend Micro’s industry leading DPI engine.

CP Secure VPN

The instant and scalable virtual private network that is configured, deployed, and managed from the cloud to protect data while minimizing cost and complexity.

Enterprise Cloud Manager API

Cradlepoint’s Application Program Interface (API) provides the building blocks developers need to craft applications that access the data from a software platform.

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