Access Wireless Data Solutions is a comprehensive full service wireless data communications consulting and project management company. In addition to sourcing a diversified line of hardware solutions from the leading OEM device manufactures we provide a broad range of engineering services that can be customized to address your specific needs and offers you a single point of contact to facilitate your requirements. Our services include:

Project Consulting & Project Management

Solution Concept Design

  • Complete End-to-End solutions
  • Wireless data communications solution only

Site Surveys

  • In Building (WiFi and Cellular)
  • Outdoors (802.11, 900 Mhz., Cellular)
  • Mobile Environments & Geo Location (GPS)

Carrier Analysis (Public, Private and Unlicensed Networks)

  • Geographical Coverage Requirements
  • RF Propagation Studies
  • Rate Plan and Billing Analysis

Hardware Definition, Requirement Analysis and Fulfillment Services

  • Device Mfg. Selection, Cost Analysis and Price/Performance Assessments
  • AC/DC and Solar Power Requirements
  • GPS Requirements
  • Security and Critical Infrastructure Requirements
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Antenna & RF Cable Selection and Connector Options
  • Surge Suppression & Lightning Protection
  • Accessories, Enclosures, Mounting Options, etc.

Hardware Related Services

  • Integration and Testing
  • Modem Setup and Configuration Services
  • Customized Distribution Solutions
  • Device Labeling
  • Hot Spare Programs

Pre & Post Sales Technical Support Services