Systech Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of products which enable IP communication. These products will enable distributed network conversion, access, gateway, server and switch products for enabling IP communications in existing, non-IP based systems and networks. Its’ innovative solutions are deployed in a broad range of worldwide markets. These markets include electronic transaction, point of sale, retail operations, and industrial and commercial facility management applications. Systech has distributed over 350,000 networking products which facilitate mission critical applications worldwide.

You can connect your ATMs wirelessly with secure SSL encryption with a cellular data connection. Enable your ATM to be utilized in mobile applications, temporary installations, or in locations where phone lines or internet connections are not available.

Configurable Router
Remote Monitoring & Control
Field Upgradeable Option Cards
Cellular, WiFi, Serial, POTS
ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth options
Systech Syslink 800 SeriesSYSLINK 800 Series Systech SL-05 SeriesSYSLINK 500 Series Systech Syslink 1000 SeriesSYSLINK 1000 Series

Systech SYSLINK Reference Chart

Model Number Ethernet USB WiFi Analog Pots Advanced Routing Cellular Carrier
SL 500 Series  SL-05-CVE ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Verizon
SL-05-CVE-AR ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Verizon
SL-05-CVL ✔✔ 4G/3G/2G Verizon
SL-05-CVL-AR ✔✔ 4G/3G/2G Verizon
SL-05-CV4 ✔✔ 4G/LTE Only Verizon
SL-05-CV4-AR ✔✔ 4G/LTE Only Verizon
SL-05-CZH ✔✔ HSPA+ ATT/T-Mobile
SL-05-CSE ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Sprint
SL 800 Series  SL-08-P-CVE ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Verizon
SL-08-P-CZH ✔✔ HSPA+ ATT/T-Mobile
SL-08-P-CSE ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Sprint
SL 1000 Series  SL-1-CVE-W ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Verizon
SL-1-CVL-W ✔✔ 4G/3G/2G Verizon
SL-1-CV4-W ✔✔ 4G/LTE Only Verizon
SL-1-CZH-W ✔✔  ✔ HSPA+ ATT/T-Mobile
SL-1-CSE-W ✔✔ 3G/EVDO Sprint

The SYSLINK Family of IoT / M2M Gateways are modular and the above table is a sampling of the more popular versions. This is not an inclusive list. Please call us to discuss your application: 813.751.2039

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