What happens if I don’t have an active NetCloud Subscription?

If you have endpoints (routers, gateways, or access points) that do not have an active subscription, those endpoints will automatically become non-compliant.

“Non-compliant” is a 30-day state where devices maintain their current routing capabilities and NetCloud Essentials functionality but lose access to some add-on features. The reduced services a customer will see on non-compliant devices include features in the Advanced Add-on Plan, including advanced security packages like CP Secure Threat Management, CP Web Filter, Zscaler, and the SDK, if applicable.

If these non-compliant endpoints are not assigned a license within the 30-day period, they become “Unlicensed.” This count is visible in the Subscription tab.

Once an endpoint is unlicensed, it will lose access to NetCloud Manager but will continue to have its last basic configuration and essential routing capabilities. However, your network may be impacted in the following ways:

  • It will no longer be able to be managed in NetCloud Manager
  • It will no longer be able to update NetCloud OS
  • It will no longer support NetCloud Perimeter
  • It will no longer use API and SDK applications
  • It will no longer be able to act as a hub in Auto VPN, and will no longer be able to connect as a spoke
  • Configuration changes will be disable
  • NetCloud software running on the device will be limited

Full device functionality will be restored when proper licensing is applied.