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AG Antenna Group’s global headquarters, which includes design, assembly, and warehousing, is located near Chicago, IL – with additional locations in Ohio and Michigan. Antenna Solutions For Cellular Broadband, WiFi & GPS Applications. The founders of AG Antenna Group have been in the antenna distribution business for over 20 years. In 2003 AG entered into the antenna manufacturing arena. AG’s strong manufacturing alliances provide flexible manufacturing capabilities and production controls to ensure that antennas are delivered on time and to specification.

AG Antenna Group has the facilities and the experience to take any project from initial conception through to final production. A comprehensive design and testing program allows AG to offer antennas today that meet tomorrow’s technology requirements. In addition to manufacturing and distribution expertise, AG offers pre-sale, deployment and post deployment technical support and training programs that are designed in accordance with customer requirements.

Antenna Cell WiFi GPS Mobile Outdoor High Gain Wide Band Type Style
Omni Directional Dome

x 2
Omni Directional Dome
AG46AB-C15SM1-G15SM1 3G/4G/LTE  ✔  ✔ Puck
AG-12dBM-15-SM3 3G/4G Omni Directional Fiberglass
AG-12dB-FG34-NF 4G/LTE
 ✔ Omni Directional Fiberglass

AG Antenna AG60BB-c15xx4AG60 Mobility 4-in-1
Bolt Mount
Part#: AG60BW-2C15SM2-G15SM1-W15RSM2
AG Antennas AG-60BB-5AG60 Mobility 5-in-1
Bolt Mount (SMA on Cell)
Part#: AG60BW-2C15SM2-G15SM1-2W15RSM2

Antenna Group AG-46A-2AG46 Series
Mag Mount
Part#: AG46AB-C15SM1-G15SM1

AG Antenna AG 9.2 mag

AG12 Omni Directional Multi Band
Magnetic Mount
Part#: AG12dBM-15-SM3

AG Antenna AG12dBi

AG12 Omni Directional Multi Band
Bracket Mount
Part#: AG12dB-FG34-NF

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