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Cradlepoint, based in Boise, Idaho, is a company on a mission to enable its customers to “Connect Beyond” the limitations of wired networks. They specialize in unlocking the transformative capabilities of today’s LTE and 5G cellular networks to provide an agile, reliable, and pervasive Wireless WAN edge.

We call it Elastic Edge. You will call it amazing.




In the face of disasters or crises, Cradlepoint is there

Collaborating with global partners and emergency response organizations, Cradlepoint’s routers and wireless solutions facilitate rescue operations and aid in delivering essential services, facilitating people’s recovery and resumption of normal life.

– Pandemic response
-Disaster relief efforts
-Emergency internet access
-Rural healthcare services
-Life-saving medical aid

-Critical infrastructure monitoring
-Disaster response teams
-Search and rescue
-Safety surveillance
-Emergency drop kits

Cradlepoint additionally provides its proprietary cloud management software. Whether you’re connecting a branch office, temporary store, vehicle, or a Smart City, your organization can continually access vital cloud and data center applications, as well as the internet, from any location, utilizing advanced cellular technology swiftly, securely, and dependably. Cradlepoint’s routers and NetCloud Service offer a comprehensive solution to harness the potential of LTE and 5G for whatever resides at the edge of your network.

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