weBoost Antennas

Wilson Electronics, home of weBoost, and WilsonPro, is a world leader in cellular improvement products for mobile, in-building, and commercial/industrial applications. Wilson’s cellular signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and reduced data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals.

WeBoost’s powerful bidirectional cellular amplifiers provide the highest receiver sensitivity in the industry and protect cell sites by preventing oscillation and overload. Cellular antennas are available in a wide range of designs (omni, Yagi, panel) for interior and exterior mounting in buildings, cars, trucks, RVs and boats.

Wilson cellular improvement products are available as plug-and-play kits, or you can custom configure your own cellular repeater for your unique application by choosing specific Wilson cellular amplifiers, cellular antennas and cellular accessories. Access Wireless Data Solutions is a qualified reseller and partner of Wilson Electronics.