Panorama Antennas



Panorama Antennas is a market leader in the design and manufacture of RF communication antennas for many different wireless communications. Founded in London England in 1947, Panorama is a privately owned family business now in its 3rd generation which has built a reputation over 65 years on supplying the market with high quality, innovative and cost effective solutions many of which have been market leaders thus enhancing our reputation in the industry. The company now has 8 facilities worldwide including a distribution center in Dallas TX and Melbourne Australia.

Panorama Antennas prides itself on manufacturing and designing all of its products at the state of the art facility and headquarters in London. This grouping of resources creates agility and flexibility within the company so are able to easily supply standard off-the-shelf product or custom solutions to meet the customer’s needs very quickly. Committed to offering superior products, Panorama constantly works towards offering a best in class product which the customer can 100% rely upon deployment.

Panorama LGMM-7-27
Panorama Antennas LPB