Who is BDA Systems Co?

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BDA Systems Co is a medium-sized Telecom company that specializes in Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems (ERRCS). Raul Pla, the founder of the company, has more than 12 years in the wireless industry and has worked on countless projects involving Public Safety, Cellular, Wi-Fi, & marine systems around the country. BDA Systems Co’s primary service offering entails bringing an outdoor signal for indoor use with the same connectivity potential as outside.

BDA Systems Co sets itself apart from the competition in part by their no-nonsense approach to setting up your solution system. They minimize the technical jargon and take their customers through the setup and installation process step-by-step in, as they say, “plain English” so that you never feel in the dark about the decisions being made during the process.

“…if you’re having issues in your office connecting a call on AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, we’re the guys to call”      

~Raul Pla, Founder of BDA Systems Co

For those who may be unfamiliar, building materials like concrete, steel and low-E glass absorb much of the signal as it makes its way inside. BDA Systems Co install repeater systems for public safety radio networks for local police and firefighters, as well as boosting signal for cellular carriers. “For example, if you’re having issues in your office connecting a call on AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile; we’re the guys to call,” Raul says of who would benefit from getting in touch with a BDA Systems specialist.

bda enclosures
bda enclosures

AWDS and BDA Systems Co – A Match Made in Heaven

BDA Systems sources some of the equipment they utilize in their packages from AWDS. “We use the Cradlepoint devices to remotely access all our actively deployed Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) around the country. Given our national footprint, we’re able to remotely and quickly log into equipment to correct any issues, provide updates and check system status,” Raul comments.

When considering which hardware to deploy, Raul wanted something with external SMA ports with detachable antennas and a single LAN port for added security. He further elaborates, “Because the antenna ports had detachable antennas, we were able to run coaxial cables to better vantage points where we can get a better signal to the tower. This is important because the equipment is usually installed in rooms with limited connectivity. The LAN port without a wireless network capability ensures that no bad actors can access our equipment unless they physically connected to it locally or know our unique IP. It’s just an added layer of protection.”

BDA Systems Co collaborates with AWDS to combine their bi-directional antennas and our hardware, creating a perfect match that allows them to reliably remote monitor their solution systems for their clients.

Cradlepoint IBR650C for BDA Systems Co
Cradlepoint IBR650C for BDA systems Co
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Get in touch with BDA Systems Co

If you want to learn more or if your organization could benefit from a solution like the ones described above, you can reach out to BDA Systems Co through their website www.bdasystemsco.com

(855) 756-0225

4242 SW 74th AVE, Suite A,
Miami, FL 33155