Access Wireless Data Solutions focuses on empowering businesses with resilient, scalable, and secure wireless networking solutions, particularly suited for environments where traditional wired connections are impractical or insufficient.

~ Get Connected, Stay Connected ~

Data Solutions for your Business Internet Connectivity... Your Way

We are proud of the service we provide to our clients. We work hand in hand with every person that comes to us to find the best connectivity solution for their project. We aren’t just shipping boxes with one-size-fits-all products – At Access Wireless Data Solutions, we see our clients’ project success as our success, and we strive to find a perfect fit every time, for every budget.

Whether you need to ensure your business never loses internet, have a constant watch over your critical assets, and just about every connectivity need in between, we have the experience and diversity in our portfolio to deliver custom-tailored wireless data solutions for your cellular connectivity.

Data Solutions for your Cellular Connectivity

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of vertical markets, including:

-First Responders
-Fleet Vehicles

-Smart Cities

-Retail & Banking
-Business Backup Internet
-Video Surveillance


Sierra Wireless RV50X
Sierra Wireless 4-in-1 Sharkfin Antenna
Peplink Max BR1 Mini
Parsec Doberman 5-in-1 Antenna
Cradlepoint IBR200